Online Campus


ONLINE FORMATIONThis is a project which is currently running only for Spanish-speaking customers, but the staff of Teras Aviacion also wants to develop it for English speaking customers, because we know that our services are of interest for such customers. That is our next step, and then we are currently developing it and will soon be available in English version.

If you wish to see our current online platforms, you must place your mouse over this section and click, ONLINE CAMPUS, and then will appear three subsections, where you can to choose and access any of them by clicking with the left mouse button.


With our Online Campus we deliver training to students at home or their place to work. They includes all the benefits of traditional training with self placed learning, interaction with the Instructor and regular assessment to monitor performance. We offers additional adveantages as:

- Students can save valuable time by studying at home and choosing when they wish train, 

- Achieving the best results from each student according to their ability, 

- Reducing the time that trainees are absent from work, 

- Reduced cost of travel and subsistence, 

- Spreading detailed knowledge quickly. 

standard teaching model that delivers hight levels of performance.






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